The next step in heart bypass technology

Yearly about 1.000,000 patients undergo highly invasive heart bypass surgery, associated with long recovery times and serious complications, mainly due to the opening of the chest and stopping of the heart during the surgery. 

AMT Medical is a pre-clinical stage medical device company, developing a unique coronary bypass system. The ELANA procedure will enable a safe, affordable and easy-to-use minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery associated with a shorter recovery time and less complications.  

The innovative ELANA procedure is designed and developed in such a way, that is applicable both in open chest and totally endoscopic procedure setting without the need of stopping the heart for even a moment.

The AMT solution is based on a similar solution for the brain, the so called ELANA (Excimer Laser Assisted Non-occlusive Anastomosis) technique. This ELANA brain solution was introduced to the market by Elana bv, a company earlier founded by the CEO of AMT.
The AMT technique enables the ELANA Heart Bypass to be performed through small holes in the chest, negating the need to open the chest, use of a heart-lung machine and suturing.
For the patient, this means less chance of infections, internal bleeding, stroke and a much shorter recovery time. 

The ELANA solution roadmap

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