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2018-Aug * Collaboration Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin

Start collaboration with Prof. Dr. Volkmar Falk and Dr. Stephan Jacobs to prove our technique in the first patients. 

2018-July * Europe: "A paradigm shifting innovation"

Our ELANA heart (TECAB) project is ranked number 5 out of hundreds of European Grant applications (1 is the highest). Innovative companies from all markets and from over 35 countries could apply and were judged by an independent European expert committee who considered our project to be a “paradigm shifting innovation”.

Next to the international recognition and significant financial support, we are proud to work together with our consortium members who are involved in the application.

2018-April * Collaboration St Antonius Nieuwegein

Start collaboration with Dr. Bart van Putte. His first PhD started at our Labs in september 2018.

2018-March * Succesful finished study

After a succesfull pre-clinical study with 70 subjects, product optimilizations where made

2018-Feb * MIT Subsidy assigned

Togheter with Xeltis in Eindhoven we receive the MIT grant/subsidy.

2017-Aug * Philips buys our supplier

Philips buys Spectranetics, our partner in Catheter and Laser production. Since this take-over by Philips, they visit us on a regular basis to investigate collaboration. 

2017-June * Capital raise

Investment from NextGen Ventures (part of Noaber foundation) and Utrecht Holdings (part of UMCU and UU in Utrecht).

Earlier CE and FDA Elana Brain Bypass