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About Us

AMT Medical

Together with the UMC Utrecht we developed a new, better way to perform heart bypasses. 

At our office in Utrecht, we have created an inspiring environment. Next to our spacious offices, our laboratory is just a few steps away. 


Rutger Tulleken

  • Entrepreneur medical devices
  • Founder Elana bv and Inc. 
  • Degrees in ICT Data, Tax Law

email    rutger@amt-medical.nl


Glenn Bronkers

  • Clinical applications
  • Clinical Studies, co inventor 
  • Degree: Life sciences

email    g.bronkers@amt-medical.nl

Rik Mansvelt Beck

  • Inventor Medtronic Octopus
  • Technical inventor Elana bypass
  • Degrees: Engineering

email    r.mansvelt@amt-medical.nl

Harry Teirlinck 

Quality and Regulatory
  • Ex Philips Medical, Elana BV
  • Degrees: Physical Engineering

email    harry@amt-medical.nl



Marieke Hoogewerf 

Phd student Cardiac surgery
  • MD Cardiac surgery
  • St. Antonius Nieuwegein

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Shadan Osman

Research assistant
  • Medical Bioscience
  • Intern

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Dr. David Stecher

Cardiac research 
  • Phd Thesis AMT bypass
  • UMC Utrecht

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Andre van Dieren 

Bio technical research
  • Ex TNO, UMC Utrecht
  • Degree: Medicine

email    info@amt-medical.nl


Etienne Meussen 

Product design
  • Graphical designer
  • Degree: Product Design

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Professor C.A.F. Tulleken

Bypass research 
  • Professor Neurosurgery UMCU
  • Inventor ELANA technique for brain and heart

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Jeroen Schuurkamp

Life science research 
  • Life Science 
  • Lab assistant

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Ken Suijkerbuijk 

  • Technical 

email    info@amt-medical.nl


Tim Mulder 

  • Operational manager
  • Degree: Biomedical engineer

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Maike Edens


  • Biomedical engineer
  • Degree: Biomed engineering

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Clinical Advisors

Professor Volkmar Falk


  • Deutches Herzzentrum Berlin

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Professor Bas de Mol 


  • AMC Amsterdam

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Dr Stephan Jacobs


  • Deutches Herzzentrum Berlin

email    info@amt-medical.nl

Bart van Putte


  • St Antonius Nieuwegein

email    info@amt-medical.nl


Jan Keltjens

  • Independent advisor

Peter Haasjes


  • On behalf of NextGen Ventures

Jaap de Bruin 


  • On behalf of Utrecht Holdings

Prof. P. Doevendans 


  • On behalf of UMC Utrecht

The story

In 2004, Prof. Dr. C.A.F. Tulleken worked together with the University Medical Centre Utrecht to launch the Elana Brain Bypass, in which a bypass can be made in the brain without need of sutures. This technique still saves many lives a year.

Years later, he invented a way to alter the technique and make it applicable to the heart. A much more common problem, but just as important. To ensure the technique worked perfectly we begun AMT Medical.  

Our mission

Our aim is to make the AMT heart bypass the new standard of heart-bypass procedures and lead the way for a new era of medical solutions.